Toppi Giovanni Manuel

Web and software developer

I'm Giovanni and I'm a 39 years old web developer with 17 years of professional experience.

I'm an IT enthusiast and my interests vary in different areas of the computer industry. In addition to web programming, which sees me developing mainly with Javascript and PHP languages​​ , I also deal with the management of operating systems and server machines.

My work carreer started as a Java developer where I was mainly involved in the Models creations (in the MVC pattern), some database design, queries definitions, EJB. After that I started (2007) a web/digital agency (Webink digital agency) together with two partners and from that moment I usually used LAMP systems to build CMSs and websites. As owner I was dealing every day with different kind of things, following a project from the beginning to the end.

During the years 2012-2022 I mainly developed video related products for the web. I developed lots of things regarding video players (VOD and live streaming, HTML5, Flash and Silverlight). I use Javascript as my daily-basis programming language but also PHP. I'm involved in big projects and events where there are problems like high traffic, caching systems and all sort of optimizations to guarantee an optimal service. I'm also responsible for our encoder softwares and services, developed with Node.js.

From the year 2022 I'm a senior software engineer and lead engineer for a company specialized in privacy solutions for the web.

From 2014 I work remotely and it allows me to travel, know new languages and cultures and expand my points of view.